Transform Your Calendar into a Cash Flow Generator

Never miss a dolar again with payment information in your calendar events
and experience the quick payment process with Flowlance!

Set who pays for the session

Is the same person who attending paying for the session or is the company paying for him? Both are possible!

Select your payment method

Create an invoice, send a link to a Stripe payment, or charge a client their virtual credits.

Payment status is auto-updated

With Flowlance, you never have to check to see if your payment has arrived. Just send it and Flowlance will tell you when it's paid.

Wait What! It's a some kind of magic?
No, just try it by yourself!

Solo businesses owners are supporting us along the way!

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Because your business starts on the calendar

It's so easy to start!

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How long does it take to start using Flowlance?

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What happens after trial ends?

Do you offer a free plan?

What counts as a Client in Plans?

What can I set as a payment method for invoices?

Do you support both invoice with upfront payments and payments after the sessions have taken place?

I have also foreign clients, does Flowlance support this?

Another question that remains unanswered?